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Tinka is 13 years old and a bookworm who loves books more than anything. One day, she finds in one of them a mysterious letter, which is addressed to her. It tells her to get in touch with an antiquarian bookseller by the name of Antonius. Together with her friend Isabell, she searches for Antonius and finds him in Vienna. He enlightens them about the existence of the Kingdom of Grammaton, whose people are living letters, the so-called Letterlings, and about the fact that Grammaton is in imminent danger. Because the Letterlings draw their energy from the imagination of the children, who read in the world of the humans, while providing at the same time for the literature, which is available on earth. A vicious cycle as the enthusiasm for reading is fading. Tinka and Isabell need to find the book Atnaphias, which has been smitten with a curse, and bring it into the world of the humans. This is their only chance to save Letterland…

A fantastic adventure novel about the magic of reading.