Name: Johanna Luise Trommer

Born: 01.12.1981 in Stuttgart, Germany

Sign: Sagittarius

Hair colour: blond

Eye colour: blue/green

Height: 1,62 m

Nickname: Jojo

Parents: Barbara und Peter

Brother: My lovely big brother Moritz

Favourite colour: blue, white, silver

Favourite animals: cats (especially lions!), wombats, kangaroos

Favourite books: „The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr“ (E.T.A. Hoffmann), „Matilda“ (Roald Dahl), „Tales of 1001 nights“, „The Little Witch“ (Otfried Preußler), „Picture of Dorian Gray“ (Oscar Wilde), Tales from Wilhelm Hauff etc. etc. ...

Hobbys: reading, writing, sports (ski, snowboard, swimming, kickboxing, climbing), singing, playing the violin, riding my motorbike.

Favourite dish: cutlets, roast potatoes, pasta, Mozartkugeln

Favourite places in this world: Vienna, Italy, Australia

My favourite subjects at school were: Art, Music, Maths

What I don´t like at all: bragger, dishonesty, egoism, pepper. And air conditioning systems, that let you freeze in the summer time.