Anyone who has already eagerly read the first instalment of the great GRAMMATON-SAGA will be delighted to hear of the fantastic adventures, Tinka and her companions will experience in the sequel „LETTERLAND – Silver Night“

Someone Tinka least expected to help her in her greatest need at last brings her and Isabell back to Grammaton. So there is hope after all! But in the country of the Letterlings nothing is what it used to be, for the tyrannical Letterling-lady Zaida is far from giving up her plans – on the contrary...

Not only are Tinka and Isabell deeply shocked by the terrible news they discover, they also encounter great dangers during their search for their mutual friend Rahotep. By an evil twist of fate, the two girls float off into the vastness of Grammaton's South Seas, only to discover a whole new Letterling-world – the remote island kingdom. Here, the mighty Queen Azadeh reigns, a Letterling-lady with an arabic letter-body.

Eagerly awaited by friends and enemies, they have to race against time and even have to face Bo, the Great God of the Seas